Life gets busy with work, school, business and baby. And I almost forget the phrase "ME TIME". I always push myself to the limit cause (for me) life is too short to waste time, without even realizing that my soul also need satisfaction, I need to have a balance life no matter how busy I am.

So, my bestfriend and I decided to go to beach which is near in Manila.

Because of my excitement, I forgot  to bring sunblock // but that's fine.
Let's just look at the bright side, morena is maganda. Hahaha

Masasa Beach was such a beautiful place, not because its cheap , yes it's undeveloped but its truly relaxing, a must visit beach.

Water is so clear and good thing we brought our underwater camera // GoPro

What if you want to go here but you only have Php 1000 in your pocket, well that's not a problem. Transportation is almost P500 only. // Here's how If you are taking public transportation,
Take a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. After that, Ride a jeepney to Anilao. At Anilao Port, take the public boat to Masasa beach.  And you're there!

So go! Kick off your flip-flops and get ready to sunbathe here in Masasa. xx


Photos: kris Guevarra 

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