I hadn't posted regularly in over two years (i think). I had fallen out blogging about my personal style, for several reasons, focusing more on my work and school, then having a baby, then taking care of my baby .. Hay! everything seemed to take priority over sharing my personal style.

When i stopped blogging, it feels like something was missing out my of life, I actually attempt to have a quick photo shoot however during that time, I don't know the power of Time Management.

But let's just erase that memories, and live happily now. :)
I'll be more updated promise! 


 My heart is full of happiness coz I'm finally back.


Well - to tell you honestly loves, My life is so busy right now ( i mean always) *walang katapusan* engaging myself in so many things.
As you guys all know that i am working at night, studying in morning, taking care of my baby (whenever i have time) and now, trying to balance my busy schedule to my new business -GANAP PH //

Happy Monday and love you all.


Photos: Jochebed Awa-ao 
Wearing: Converse // Jeans from Forever 21 // Crop sweatshirt from Thriftstore

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