I'll wear my hat backward and rock muscle tee
I've always been a very outdoor sort of girl, I'm more tomboy than girl girly
Happy Monday loves! 
How do you start your week? Mine, something good has happened today.I must say, a blessing in disguise. I'll update you about this big good news.
 Graneistitchs' big project? *insert drum roll here*

Anyway, these photos were taken a few months ago, when my hair was still in good condition. Haha 
But i'm not saying i don't like my hair, I love it! its just frizzy and dry. </3
Photos: Irene Lubrin

DIY Muscle tee
Plaid Polo from Bali
Distressed Denim shorts
Shoes from Merrell
Watch from G-Shock
Hat from Lloyd C.

Have a great day ahead. xx

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