I just need a perfect getaway from the City. It's all been so busy and stressful here in Manila. And I think, i deserve some refreshment or a snap vacation.


I believe every person possesses their own list, wishlist like.."dress I want to wear" .. "Things I want to do".. Or..."places I want to visit"
It's all about inspiration when choosing a travel destination. I have a travel bucket list in my handy dandy notebook, simply because I know someday, somehow I would go there. I want to go anywhere I wasn't before.
Here's my personal wishlist:

This is probably at the peak of the Filipinos travel list.
Ooh! There are a bunch of neat things to do at white beach in Boracay.
Partying, Snorkeling, massage and spa, though the other has their own version.
White beach.. 

World class night life.

Sexy Lady


 Walang Katulad ang Boracay!

"The city in a forest"
 Philippines greenest and cleanest city.
What would you expect? PARADISE, I imagine myself seated in the seashore, relaxing, releasing all the stress I have and breathing the fresh air I deserve.

One of the main reason I chose Puerto Princesa is
to visit the Subterranean River. Part of Seven Wonders of the world.
What a paradise!

I love discovering and learning from my experience,
and definitely Cebu will handle that.
Cebu has no limit in giving new experiences and knowledge.
Historical Landmarks that would probably open our eyes how beautiful Cebu rather Philippine is. 
Magellan Cross, Fort San Pedro and so on.. 
 But Cebu as is said has no limit, they can give us a lot more. I would probably stop my diet if ever i see/smell/taste their special tee LECHON (roast pig).

But what I am looking forward to witness is their Famous Sinulog festival,
Colorful Street Party *giggle*
(My professor said.. "the first country you travel in should be your own country")

Truly, my dream destination.
 I guess its everyone's dream who loves K-Pop, K-Drama and ofcourse K-Fashion.. Arts, Entertainment, History, Fashion, Nature.. Full Package! Korea has it all.
Their fashion sense <33 I love it.
Shopping <3

One of my friend, who luckily visited Korea advised me to go to travel in Korea during the winter months which is December, atleast to experience snow.
Oh c'mon? Who wouldn't love to to touch or see snow.
When I get there the first thing I will do is to take off my dress and cover my naked body with snow. Isn't it fun to do? Haha

This is a compilation of the many places I dream to visit one day, and AirAsia won't let your dreams stay as a dream. Last month, AirAsia Philippines revealed that they are moving its flights from Clark Airport to Manila (Terminal 4) in order to serve better more Filipino who want to flight (such a great word!!!) But it doesn't end up with that, they are also offering a great deal with a cheap but accommodating trip
So what are you guys waiting for, this is totally the right time to Travel in the Philippines or in Asia with AirAsia, ofcourse. 

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*All photos are not mine*


  1. "Kawaii (the only korean word i know)"

    Kawaii is a JAPANESE word not a Korean word.