Photos: Maricris Guevarra
DIY X Shirt, Eye to Eye Skirt , Watch from Thrift Store, Black Dr. Martens
Happy Friday loves! This is my first time to wear my first Dr. Martens, I wore this in my Saturday class. I don't know why boots are not accepted here in the Philippines, or they are just unfamiliar w/ docs? They kept on looking (not on me) in my shoes the whole time.

I haven't posted a quite long time because of hazard school activities. And Finals are approaching, but Thank God sembreak is coming, at least I have time to release the stress I have. 

Let's talk about my Outfit, the moment i saw this pretty rocker skirt my heart feels weird. LOL OA? But it really happens. Ha-ha

I have a big surprise for you guys! Someones contact me, and with that.. Oooops! I'll reveal it tomorrow :) 

Hope you like it <3

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