( Bowie Shirt, Black Pants, Doll Shoes)

This post was supposed to be last last day. I went to university to get my semesters schedule and went directly to therapy.Yes, I am currently undergoing therapy for some reason.
Simple and comfortable this how i described this look. I don't usually wear fashionable clothes at school because one time when i wear my creepers  i caught the attention of everyone. Some people are amazed but many of them are confused and laughing? Maybe because they're not familiar with that kind of shoes. 
 "I like to be different. Whether i'm pretty or not, I go with my own style."

How do you find my shirt? It's Bowie, DAVID BOWIE. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential writers of pop music. You can find him here

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  1. You look amazing! lovely t-shirt :)

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