This post was supposed to be last sunday but unfortunately something bad happened near in our place. So today i have a lot of DIY post. As you can see this week is full of necklace, arr.. i'm getting obsessed with necklace. And today, let's today le't try something rock \m/. I saw the first photo at and light bulb appear at the top of my head. (Haha) Instead of buying it why don't you just fake it? Yeah right. I'm excited!!! Let's start.

Jump rings
Cross ( if you can't find wood cross, make your own. Shaped hard plastic as a cross and paint it using nail polish and put a hole at the upper tip. Now that you have cross, Let's begin)
        STEP 1. Put the jump rings into the hole.

        STEP 2. Make an outline. It's important.

        STEP 3. Connect the jump rings into the first chain.

        STEP 4. For the final step, Just connect both chain into jump rings and we're done!

Rockin' It Girl. Make it and Fake it xx

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