GOODBYE 2012. HELLO 2013

bye bye 2012 , HELLO 2013.

2012 is really OVER. You know what guys, year 2012 was such a good year for me. It opens a lot of opportunities like having my own businesses ( FR & GIRLFRIENDS ) Meet new friends, bloggers, gained confidece and my favorite was having photoshoots. Those are the things that made my year happy and ofcourse you are part of it =) ecause you are reading this log. OK! Let me take this moment to say THANK YOUUUUU so much to all the people who keeps on sending me messages just to say "Hi! I followed your blog" or "you're log is awesome" that simple messagesgive me reason not to stop logging. And also, to all those people who always want to put me down. Thank you ;) , hope you're happy of what you are doing.

My New year's resolution is to LOSE WEIGHT. Lately, my friends keep on saying that i gained weight . CHUBBY? but chubby is cute right? Haha I need to have my regular work out and eat veggies.. (hopefully)

2013 i promise to post more looks, DIY just to make you happy guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! mwa :*

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